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75 POINTS for signing up

20 POINTS for registering on the Hemp Invaders Community page

10 POINTS for setting up your Hemp Invaders Community profile

5 POINTS for adding a profile pic to your Community profile

7 POINTS for every forum contribution made (3x/month)

10 POINTS for any purchase of $35 or more



The Perks



              Giveaways and Freebies


              Members only coupons, sent straight to your inbox



                                                                                                      How's It Work?




















0 - 100 points 

members-only giveaways

101 - 200 points

members-only giveaways and discounts on merch site-wide

201+ points

members-only giveaways, HI's signature e-coupon newsletter, discounts on merch, free shipping on all orders of $25 or more


GA 1

GA 2

GA 3

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